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Welcome to  the internet site of the Belgian company SerZinc BVBA

Our central objective is expressed in our name: SerZinc means Saving Earth Resources especially raw material Zinc but also minimizing CO2 footprint.

Serzinc is for the absolute respect of all human being and believes in the human capital of the companies.

This vision translates into

  • intensive training of staff (growing up people through customized trainings)
  • researches and developments of new alloys, new processes to protect steel and boost its lifetime (galvanizing industry, shot peening of automotive parts, …)
  • put material consumption in graph and then under monitoring (Audit of the zinc consumption of a galvanizing plant, …)
  • sell equipment in order to diminish raw material and energy consumption (FluxPur units, …)

David Warichet is Senior Advisor Metal Coating and Treatment. He graduated as a Civil Engineer in chemical Process Science at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL – Belgium) in 1993.
David started his career as a researcher at the UCL. 20% of his time he worked at a galvanizing plant of Weert Groep and Prince International Corporation (Tertres, Belgium).
In 1995 he became Process Engineer at GalvaPowerGroup nv, where he was responsible the engineering, planning, construction and start-up of the most automatic & highest throughput hot dip galvanizing plants Verzinkerij Overpelt Belgium.
From 2000 till 2012, David worked as R&D manager for ZINQ where he started-up the first 2 batch microZINQ® galvanizing plants worldwide being able to galvanize parts with Zn-5%Al in single dip galvanizing automotive parts of the stringent BMW automotive company. As a researcher, David was granted with 6 patents on galvanization.
In 2013, he joined the company Deby SPRL where he is working as advisor for key customers in the metal industry and began as lecturer at the University of Lille in France. In 2019, he grounded the company SERZINC BVBA with the main objective of SAVING EARTH’S RESOURCES especially zinc and energy but also minimizing waste thanks to Fluxpur Unit.