1200 mangrove plants in the Philippines and 50 apple trees in Romania

SerZinc company minimizes its CO2 footprint by travelling as much as possible with the train and carpooling. The CO2 generated despite these efforts will be compensated by planting trees in the Philippines and in Romania, a country that had suffered major deforestation.

To compensate its CO2 footprint, SerZinc plants, in 2019, 1200 mangroves in the Philippines and 50 apple trees in Romania. Here is the summary of the CO2 rejected by SerZinc in 2019 :

 Kilometers traveledKilograms of carbon dioxide emitted

Total train20324264
Total car33028
Total plane32729
Final total860819373

1 hectare of mangroves catches 110 kilograms of carbon each days.

name of the treeNumber of plants plantedRate of live plantsNumber of plants per hectareNumber of hectares planted

Kilogram of Carbonne fixed per hectare per day CO2 fixed per year
kg C/ha*daykg of CO2/ha*jourkg