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Welcome to  the internet site of the Belgian company SerZinc BVBA Our central objective is expressed in our name: SerZinc means Saving Earth Resources especially raw material Zinc but also minimizing CO2 footprint. Serzinc is for the absolute respect of all human being and believes in the human capital of the companies. This vision translates […]

Audit of your Zinc Consumption

Since 2015, we achieved 20 Zinc audits around the World including 3 centrifugal lines Why did companies choose our service? : Saving 5 to 10% zinc use without investment Saving more than 10% with limited investment The Price for Zinc per ton is increasing continuously – Is my zinc bath composition and temperature adapted to […]

New Specific Chemical Analyses (dross, ashes, flying ashes, flux cakes, quench residues )

SerZinc is the specialist of these specific galva analyses. These analyses are very powerfull and thanks to the results you will be able to evaluate how good your galvanizing plant is doing with its zinc use, its fluxpurification quality, its flying ashes filtration … you will be able to solve problems, minimize your costs and […]

FluxPur Unit how to boost your quality together with saving Zinc

Continuous purification process of Fluxbaths of Galvanizing Plant with an unique redox and floculation control developed with University of Leuven with the following advantages: constant high quality of galvanized material between 15 and 50% less drosses and 10 to 20% less ashes generated leading to a reduction of the brutto zinc consumption of 3 to […]

1200 mangrove plants in the Philippines and 50 apple trees in Romania

SerZinc company minimizes its CO2 footprint by travelling as much as possible with the train and carpooling. The CO2 generated despite these efforts will be compensated by planting trees in the Philippines and in Romania, a country that had suffered major deforestation. To compensate its CO2 footprint, SerZinc plants, in 2019, 1200 mangroves in the […]


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